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Wedding Table Setting

Table Covers/Runners

Round Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth  - White

The crinkle taffeta tablecloths have an undeniable and unsurpassed charm that makes simple items look highly fashionable and modish.  Let this exquisite tablecloth enchant the entire ambiance of your special event with its seamless luster and upscale look. Combining the glistening luster of premium quality taffeta with the classy appeal of crinkle design. The lovely crinkles accented all over the surface coupled with the impeccable metallic glint of lustrous taffeta will impart an imperial sublimity to your tables.

Table Cover.JPG

Additional Information:

  • Diameter: 132"

Table Runners

These elegantly shimmering pieces comprise of shiny sequin beads crafted with the utmost perfection. The seamless glitz and glam will add heaps of royal sheen and glamorous appeal to whatever this extravagant masterpiece will embrace. These dazzling runners are a perfect choice for setting up an upscale tablescape that is highly elegant, graceful, and fit for royalty. The very design of the glittering runners exudes joie de vivre and radiance. Bring a modern twist to your table settings.

Let your tables sparkle brightly, boldly, and beautifully with this truly breathtaking masterpiece.

Colors Available: Pink and Blue (Other Colors are available upon request) 

Chair Bands

Colors Available:
White and Blue
(Other Colors are available upon request) 

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