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Event Backdrops

Do you strive to bewilder and bewitch your guests with the shimmer and glimmer of your lifestyle?

Let your swanky style and posh extravaganza be showcased by our backdrops.

Silver Glitter Backdrop

Pure piece of elegance! The peerless glint of metallic hue coupled with a perfectly bedazzling duet of luminosity and glamour will add the WOW to your party space.

Green Flower Backdrops

Bring the outdoors indoor with our Lush Green Flower Backdrop.

Transform dull, ordinary walls, into lively masterpieces.

Create magical backdrops, photo backgrounds, wall coverings, fence accents, build hedges, lush passage way or paths, or even vertical gardens with 3D life-like leaves and flowers.

Cypress Garden:
     Rental Rate: $200
Dark Green Boxwood Garden:
     Rental Rate: $150

Flower Backdrops

Use our Lush Silk Flower Walls and create magical backdrops, photo backgrounds, and wall coverings.

Gender Reveal

Red Floral

Pink Floral

Blue Floral

Shiny Black  Arch

Dream, design, and decorate with our dazzling Round Metallic Backdrop Cover that every party needs. Featuring a classy and shiny stretchable metallic spandex construction that will transform any dull and drab venue into a spectacle of style and sparkle!

Round Blk Backdrop
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